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Starting out: Buying a Home in Cambridge 

Starting out: Buying a home in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge has lots to offer its residents and its great to understand a little bit more about the facilities and what exactly makes Cambridge the desirable place to live.


Cambridge has over 365 hectares of parkland spread throughout the city. These park areas consist of multiple picnic areas and fields. The city also has 12 recreation facilities across the city. These faculties have indoor and even outdoor pools in many cases, arenas, senior centers and banquet halls. In the winter one can find outdoor ice rinks around the city. Cambridge Is well equipped to keep its residents busy with all sorts of activities.

On Saturdays one can also find a farmers market where residents are able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables brought by farmers in the local regions. You can also visit the Cambridge Sculpture Garden which is notably a favorite spot for those in Cambridge to attend various art shows, picnic, or participle in many children’s art programs.

There are plenty of camps and extra-curricular activities for youth. The city of Cambridge aims to provide day camps that are affordable for its residents.  Cambridge also has many sports groups for kids and adults to participate in throughout the year. One can find skateboard parks, bike parks, sports fields, cycling trails spread throughout the city.

Of course one cannot forget shopping. Cambridge has the Cambridge Center which is another popular spot for those who enjoy some shopping! There really is something for everyone in the family in the city of Cambridge!


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